If a project is requested by multiple members, a project qualifying for GoalKeepin’s project open requirements is opened. (For some subject matters, open may be delayed by the company’s discretion) In the near future, we are planning to open many more projects. For now, we are busy working on app update, management, project opening. So, please kindly understand that it may take some time for a project to be opened after suggestion.

GoalKeepin values diversity. As long as it is not conflicting with law or social norm, please make your suggestion. Any divisive project with tendency of religion, politics, or sexuality will not be opened. Soon, a function where you can open your own project will be updated.

Members of GoalKeepin can only choose a project from ‘Search Tab’ of the app. If you cannot find a project of your choice, please make your suggestion on Project suggestion on top of ‘Categories’ tab. If there is no project you want, please inquire at My Page > Help Center > Project Suggestion. Staffs of GoalKeepin always pay attention to your opinion. Plus, we will soon support a function where you can pick your own goal and recruit participants. When it is available, announcement will be made.

According to a tax law, prize from GoalKeepin is classified as other incomes. For other incomes, amount less than 50 SGD is not taxable. Prize of 50 SGD or more is to be withheld for public charge and tax. 22% of prize of 50 SGD or more is public charge and tax, and tax-deducted amount is paid out.

If everyone achieves a goal by 85% or more, there is no prize. But, in this case, GoalKeepin gives special prize of 1,000 SGD If everyone fails to achieve a goal, there is no prize.

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