Terms and Conditions


Last updated: January 2020




On behalf of the entire team, we express our sincere gratitude for using services provided by PENTABASE PTE. LTD. To provide better user experience, we are presenting terms and conditions. Please kindly take your time to review following terms and agreements for better user experience.


Article 1 (Purpose)

The terms and conditions are to define rights, liabilities, obligations, and terms of service between PENTABASE PTE. LTD. (hereafter “COMPANY”) and its users upon using services by “COMPANY” and its mobile application. “COMPANY” holds complete and uncontested rights of the technologies and management of the system.  


Article 2 (Definition)

Following explains definition of terms used in the Terms and Conditions.

“GOALKEEPIN” is an application which provides services allowing users to pay entry fee, to set goals to attain, and to collect prize according to achievement of set goals. (Hereafter it may be referred to as “GOALKEEPIN” or “SERVICE” depends on context)

“GOAL ATTAINMENT PROJECT” is a mobile contest which awards attainment-based differential prize and reimbursement of entry fee to users who, using “GOALKEEPIN” application and adhering to the application’s rules and guidance, attain set goal(s) within given period of time.

“USER” is a “SERVICE” user who enters into a contractual agreement with “COMPANY” per the terms and conditions.

“CONTENTS” refer to contents “COMPANY” provides to “USER” including but not limited to text, voice, visual image, and network services.

“ENTRY FEE” is a fee “USER” pays to enter “GOAL ATTAINMENT PROJECT”. “ENTRY FEE” can be referred to as other expression(s) per “COMPANY”’s discretion.

“PARTICIPANT” is a “USER” who pays “ENTRY FEE” and participates in “GOAL ATTAINMENT PROJECT”.

“COMMISSION” is a cost “COMPANY” imposes on “USER” for “USER”’s use of “SERVICE” provided by “COMPANY” based on “COMPANY” guideline

“GOAL ATTAINMENT PRIZE” is a sum of “ENTRY FEE” paid up by “PARTICIPANT(S)” who participates in a “GOAL ATTAINMENT PROJECT”.

“CASH POINT” or “CASH” is amount accrued from “USER”’s direct payment in “SERVICE”. It also includes reimbursed “USER”-paid “ENTRY FEE” based on “COMPANY” guideline.

Total amount of “PRIZE” is an amount based on “COMPANY”’s guideline.

“PRIZE POINT” is a “COMPANY”-awarded amount which “USER” had not paid in “SERVICE” to “USER(S)” who meets requirements set forth by “COMPANY”. 

“PRIZE POINT” can be referred to as “PRIZE”.

“REIMBURSEMENT” is a partial or whole reimbursement to “USER(S)” based on “USER”’s “GOAL ATTAINMENT” result and “COMPANY” guideline.

“PURCHASING COST” is an amount paid to a founder of “GOAL ATTAINMENT PROJECT”.

Brokerage commission is the only revenue of “COMPANY”. “PURCHASING COST” can be referred to as “COACHING FEE”, “MERCHANDISE”, “MEETING FEE” or other various terms.

“SERVICE MARKET PLACE” is an online space where intangible services are commercially exchanged.

“SERVICE MARKET PLACE BUSINESS” is a business (hereafter “BUSINESS”) collecting fee by proving added service (i.e. advertising services) within “SERVICE MARKET PLACE”.

“BROKERAGE SERVICE” is a “COMPANY”-provided brokerage and related service to and in-between “USER(S)” within “GOALKEEPIN” site and/or mobile platform.  

“FOUNDER” is a registered “USER” who intends to sell merchandise or service per “COMPANY” guideline within “GOALKEEPIN” site and/or mobile platform.

“FOUNDER” can be either individual or a corporate. “COMPANY” is not included in “FOUNDER”.

Terms and expressions not defined in Article 2 shall abide by related regulation and service guideline. Else shall abide by general contract practice.


Article 3 (Effectiveness and Revision of Terms and Conditions)

“COMPANY” displays terms and conditions and rules of collecting personal data on “SERVICE” screen for “USER”’s review.  

The terms and conditions come into effect upon “USER”’s agreement and “COMPANY”’s permission. “COMPANY” is able to revise the terms and conditions as long as the revision does not violate related regulation and/or regulations of information network encouragement and protection.

“COMPANY” shall display on “SERVICE” screen or send email of text message 14 days prior to any revision(s).

Without “USER”’s explicit decline within 14 days from revision announcement, revision is considered accepted by “USER(S)”. 

“COMPANY” or “USER” may terminate the contract if “USER” does not agree with the revision. When termination takes place, “COMPANY” shall notify reason and date of termination to “USER” by email or text message.


Article 4 (Interpretation of Terms and Conditions)

Articles and/or clarification not described or clarified in the terms and conditions shall abide by related regulation or general practice.

“USER” must comply with consumer protection in electronic commerce law, basic electronic commerce law, consumer protection law, fair display of advertising law, electronic network encouragement and protection law, and other related regulation(s). “USER” cannot claim waiver from upper mentioned laws and regulations.

“COMPANY” may add separate appendix (hereafter “APPENDIX”) for individual service. When “APPENDIX” conflicts with clauses from terms and conditions, “APPENDIX” shall receive preferential treatment.


Article 5 (Conclusion and Decline of Use Agreement)

Use agreement of “SERVICE” is concluded upon permission of “COMPANY” on agreement of the terms and agreement and request for application by a party who is willing to become a “USER” (hereafter “USER APPLICANT”).

“COMPANY” may request legal name and identification verification to governing body when it is deemed necessary.

“COMPANY” may request bank information verification to “USER” or “USER APPLICANT” for the purpose of “CASH POINT” or “PRIZE POINT” reimbursement.

“SERVICE” may be denied to “USER” or “USER APPLICANT” if “USER” or “USER APPLICANT” does not hold bank account where regular deposit and withdrawal are permitted.

To provide “SERVICE” and to verify legal name, “COMPANY” may request subsequent method of verification other than bank account. 

“USER APPLICANT” must provide true and authentic information. False information may result in “SERVICE” use limitation and “USER” or “USER APPLICANT” is wholly liable for penalties and/or legal liabilities derived from providing false information.

 “USER APPLICANT” can be denied “SERVICE” use and use agreement if false identification is provided, or “USER APPLICANT” had lost “USER” status previously, or “COMPANY” discovers unacceptable condition(s) from a “USER APPLICANT”.   

“COMPANY” may delay conclusion of use agreement under the condition(s) of technical or related difficulty. “COMPANY” is to notify the result to “USER APPLICANT”.

“COMPANY” may decline or henceforth terminate use agreement if following clause(s) is discovered.

  • “COMPANY” finds the environment not suitable or possible to provide “SERVICE”.
  • “USER APPLICANT” provides false or omitted information and “COMPANY” finds “USER APPLICANT” is not able to provide “COMPANY”-requested requirement.
  • “USER APPLICANT” is found falsely identified.
  • “COMPANY” finds duplicate “USER APPLICANT”.
  • “USER APPLICANT” is a corporate.
  • Permission is not granted due to “USER APPLICANT”’s attributable reason(s) or application is deemed violating “COMPANY”’s requirement.

“USER” may file a formal objection upon “SERVICE” use limitation or termination following “COMPANY’s guideline. “SERVICE” use is granted at once if “COMPANY” finds the objection lawful.

“COMPANY” may provide “SERVICE”-related useful information to “USER(S)” via email, voice call, text message, alert within “SERVICE” (hereafter “PUSH ALERT”), However, upper mentioned “SERVICE”-related information shall not be delivered to “USER” if “USER” declines to receive information.

“COMPANY” may enforce subsequent application requirement to minor “USER”. “COMPANY” may hide part of the project to minor “USER”.


Article 6 (Limits and Termination of “COMPANY” use agreement)

“COMPANY” may terminate use agreement and “USER” status may forfeit without prior notice under following clause(s).

  1. “USER” is deceased.
  2. “USER” uses 3rd party information or mobile device. 
  3. “USER”’s personal information is found false.
  4. “CASH POINT” AND “PRIZE POINT” are accrued or used illegally.
  5. “SERVICE” use of “USER(S) is disturbed.
  6. “USER” expropriates “COMPANY” or “COMPANY”’s management or ownership.
  7. “USER” Illegally attempts or makes changes in client program or hacking of server or threatens “SERVICE”.
  8. “USER” causes harm to “COMPANY”’s operation and reputation by circulating false information or blackmail.
  9. “USER” engages in SPAM marketing activity in connection with “SERVICE”.
  10. “USER” engages in activity violating liabilities of the terms and conditions.
  11. “USER” is reported by multiple “USERS”
  12. “COMPANY” finds “USER” abuses “COMPANY” regulation.
  13. “USER” posts multiple images of verification, which “COMPANY” finds inappropriate.
  14. “USER” is found participating in activities related to illegal marketing, direct sales, or sales with purpose of reselling.


“CASH POINT” and “PRIZE POINT” of a “USER” who loses “USER” status due to Article 6 Clause 1 can be converted into cash for 7 days from the day of status notice. After 7 days, remaining points will be dissipated.

“CASH POINT” and “PRIZE POINT” of a “USER” who loses “USER” status due to Article 6 Clause 2 through 10 will be dissipated at once and “USER” cannot file a formal objection.


Article 7 (Termination and Suspension of Use Agreement by “USER”)

“USER” may request termination of “SERVICE” use agreement in Other Menu in My Profile. “COMPANY” at once processes “USER”’s termination request.

“USER”’s remaining point will be dissipated upon “USER”’s termination. “USER”’s personal information shall be processed per “COMPANY” guideline.

Upon termination, “SERVICE”-related information, including “PRIZE”, in “USER” account will be deleted. Therefore, “USER” shall take necessary procedure(s) prior to termination. “COMPANY” is not responsible for any loss due to “USER”’s inaction.

“USER” may request termination of “SERVICE” via email or methods explained in the terms and conditions.


Article 8 (Account)

In order to use “SERVICE”, “USER” shall open a “SERVICE” account (hereafter “ACCOUNT”). “USER” must provide accurate information upon “ACCOUNT” opening and update when there is information change(s).

To prevent indiscreet “ACCOUNT” opening, “COMPANY” offers SNS-linked function which equals mobile verification in lieu of “USER”-typed ID. “ACCOUNT” information of a “USER” is not disclosed to any 3rd party and it is only disclosed to the “USER” him or herself.

“SERVICE” offers single “ACCOUNT” per “USER”

“USER” may view and amend personal information in My Page screen of “SERVICE”. However, mobile number or SNS-linked information, equivalent to log-in ID, cannot be changed.

“COMPANY” prohibits following activities.

  • “USER” uses false identification or impersonates 3rd
  • “USER” without permission uses 3rd party identification and violates right(s) of an individual or a group.
  • “USER” uses inappropriate name and causes uneasiness to others.

Maintenance of “ACCOUNT” falls on the “USER” him or herself only. “USER” shall not disclose his or her “ACCOUNT”-related information to 3rd party.

“USER” shall notify “COMPANY” and abide by “COMPANY”’s guidance if “USER”’s “ACCOUNT” has been stolen or used by 3rd party.

“COMPANY” does not hold any liability of any detriment followed by “USER”’s not notifying to “COMPANY” or abiding by “COMPANY”’s guidance.

“COMPANY” is not responsible for any detriment of “USER” derived from expropriation of “USER”’s “ACCOUNT”.

However, “USER” may be liable for any detriment of “COMPANY” derived from expropriation of “USER”’s “ACCOUNT”. If “USER” is found free of any error or wrongdoing, “USER” is not liable.


Article 9 (Contents and Provision of “SERVICE”)

“GOALKEEPIN” is a service providing platform where “USER” pays “ENTRY FEE” to participate in “GOAL ATTAINMENT PROJECT”.

“PARTIPANT” receives part or whole of paid “ENTRY FEE” as “CASH POINT” upon completion of “GOAL ATTAINMENT PROJECT” based on guideline set forth by “COMPANY”.

Per “COMPANY” guideline, some “PARTICIPANT(S)” may receive “PRIZE POINT”.

“PRIZE POINT” collected by “PARTICIPANT” is an amount deducting public charge and tax. “USER” is responsible for any public charge and tax levied on “PRIZE POINT”.

“PRIZE POINT” collected by “PARTICIPANT” may be confiscated or not paid per “COMPANY” guideline if “COMPANY” finds any fraudulent activity.

“CASH POINT” and “PRIZE POINT” may be converted into cash per “COMPANY” guideline.

“USER” may receive full refund of “ENTRY FEE” before commencement of “GOAL ATTAINMENT PROJECT”. After commencement of “GOAL ATTAINMENT PROJECT”, no refund will be allowed.

“COMPANY” is not liable for any detriment caused by “PUSH ALERT” malfunction.

“COMPANY” may invest “ENTRY FEE”, “CASH POINT”, and “PRIZE POINT” for investment return. Investment result is not to be shared with “USER”.

“GOAL ATTAINMENT PROJECT” is based on Singaporean time. In overseas, “USER” may close and reopen “APPLICATION” for local time use.


Article 10 (“SERVICE” Use Fee)

For stream-lined management of “SERVICE” “COMPANY” receives fixed “FEE” from “PARTICIPANT” and conditions, imposed party, and amount is based on guideline set forth by “COMPANY”.


Article 11 (Revision and Termination of “SERVICE”)

Citing management issue, “COMPANY” may terminate “SERVICE” and shall individually notify the termination notice 3 months prior to date of termination.

“USER” shall request reimbursement of “PRIZE POINT” accrued at the point of termination notice prior to termination of “SERVICE”. After termination of “SERVICE”, “USER” cannot claim reimbursement. Any unclaimed “PRIZE POINT” shall be dissipated at termination of “SERVICE”.

Part of “SERVICE” may be limited from the date of termination notice to the date of termination of “SERVICE”.


Article 12 (“USER” Information Change)

“USER” must make necessary change(s) at one upon any change(s) of “USER” from the initial application.

“USER” information can be changed after a log-in at “USER” Information under My Page.

“USER” him or herself is solely liable for any damages and detriment caused by unchanged “USER” information despite actual change of information.

However, “COMPANY” holds liability if damage or detriment is caused by fault or deliberation of “COMPANY”.


Article 13 (“USER” Notice))

Without a special instrument, “COMPANY” notifies “USER” via email or text message provided by “USER” at the time of application.

If a notice is intended to whole “USERS”, “COMPANY” may substitute an individual notice with notice message in “SERVICE” for 7 or more days. However, any notice which may negatively affect rights and liabilities of “USER” may not be displayed by upper mentioned method.

To receive “COMPANY”’s notice without any glitches, “USER” must maintain his or her information most up to date. “COMPANY” is not liable to any detriment caused by “USER”’s failure to keep information updated.


Article 14 (PRIZE POINT Acquisition)

“USER”, if it requires “COMPANY” guideline, may acquire “PRIZE POINT” by participating in “GOAL ATTAINMENT PROJECT” provided “GOALKEEPIN”.

Ways and means of acquiring “PRIZE POINT” may be revised per “COMPANY” policy.

“GOAL ATTAINMENT PROJECT” takes place under the supervision of “COMPANY” and sponsoring firm(s). “COMPANY”’s decision regarding “PRIZE POINT” holds ultimate binding rights. Should “COMPANY” find the winner disqualified, “COMPANY” may not award “PRIZE POINT”.

In case of any discrepancy in amount of “PRIZE POINT” logged in “COMPANY”’s server and amount displayed in user’s My Page, amount logged in “COMPANY” server holds preferential treatment. Discrepancy in amount due to desynchronization between server and application cannot be amended.

“USER” is liable for any public charge and tax derived from acquisition of “PRIZE POINT” and cash conversion.

“PRIZE POINT” is in display of Singaporean Dollar and cash conversion payout is in Singaporean Dollar.

“PRIZE POINT” cannot be transferred, loaned, or securitized. Exception can be made under “COMPANY”’s permission.


Article 15 (“PRIZE POINT” Cash Conversion)

“USER” who holds more than certain amount of “PRIZE POINT” may convert “PRIZE POINT” into cash per guideline set forth by “COMPANY”.

Cash-convertible “PRIZE POINT” is determined by “COMPANY” policy and the policy is displayed on “SERVICE” screen. 

“COMPANY” makes a deposit of the amount to a “USER”-designated bank account and it is considered paid out in full.

Public charge and tax derived from acquisition of “PRIZE POINT” is levied on “USER”.  


Article 16 (Correction, Cancellation, Dissipation of “PRIZE POINT”)

Should there be any error after “PRIZE POINT” acquisition announcement, “USER” may ask a correction to “COMPANY” within 30 days from the notice of error. Once “COMPANY” acknowledges the error, “COMPANY” has 90 days to rectify any error.

“PRIZE POINT” accrued by modification of “CLIENT”, hacking, macro and other fraudulent means, shall forfeit not only ill-gotten “PRIZE POINT” but also entire “PRIZE POINT” accrued by a “USER”. Further, “USER” forfeits his or her “USER” status.

“COMPANY” warns any “USER” whom “COMPANY” believes “USER” certifies goal attainment in unjust fashion and a warning is to be displayed on “SERVICE” screen.

Warning is to be given under following conditions.

  • “USER” intentionally displays unrelated images as a verification of goal attainment.
  • “USER” does not abide by “COMPANY”’s request for correction. .
  • “USER” verifies 2 or more “GOAL ATTAINMENT PROJECTS” with a single activity.
  • “COMPANY” finds the verification image inappropriate.

“USER” who receives a warning one time shall forfeit his or her verification image and shall not acquire “PRIZE POINT” for 3 months. A warning is reset 3 months after the date warning is issued. “USER” with 2 warnings shall not acquire “PRIZE POINT” from “GOAL ATTAINMENT PROJECT”. Further, all “PRIZE POINT” accrued by “USER” shall be dissipated.

If any prize is withdrawn since joining “GOALKEEPIN”, same amount shall be deducted from “CASH POINT”. “USER” with 2 warnings is banned from using “SERVICE” for 1 year from the date of warning.

“PRIZE POINT” is valid for 365 days. “PRIZE POINT” is dissipated in order of precedence if not cashed out in 365 days. 


Article 17 (Display of Advertisement)

‘COMPANY” may display advertisement of “COMPANY” or “COMPANY”-sponsored 3rd party firm.


Article 18 (“USER” Contents)

“USER CONTENTS” refer to contents, including but not limited to text, image and video, uploaded by “USERS” while using “SERVICE”.

“USER CONTENTS” shall not contain following element(s).

  1. Element damaging or tarnishing 3rd party’s (including “COMPANY” or any cast of contents) reputation
  2. Element depicting profanity, obscenity, or contrast to general custom
  3. Element violating intellectual property rights (including copyrights) of 3rd party (including “COMPANY” or any cast of contents)
  4. Element encouraging baseless terror and/or anxiety
  5. Element violating general custom


“USER” violating Article 18 Clause 2 shall receive following treatment or penalty.

“USER CONTENTS” with violation of Article 18 Clause 2 or multiple reports shall be deleted temporarily.

“USER” whose contents are deleted in connection with violation of Article 18 Clause 2 may request a vindication of his or her contents.

“COMPANY” may limit “SERVICE” use, suspend “ACCOUNT”, or terminate use agreement if “COMPANY” finds evidence of violation of Article 18 Clause 2 or “USER” is reported multiple occasions.

“COMPANY” does not guarantee legality, accuracy, sincerity of “USER CONTENTS”.

“COMPANY” holds right to use “USER CONTENTS” for “COMPANY”’s marketing purpose and may edit, revise, or duplicate “USER CONTENTS” under former mentioned purpose.


Article 19 (Copyright Jurisdiction and Limit of Use)

“COMPANY” holds sole rights intellectual property including but not limited to logo, trademark, service, advertisement, and substance created and produced by “COMPANY”

With an intention of monetary gain, “USER” shall not duplicate, transmit, publish, or distribute any information derived from usage of “SERVICE” to any 3rd party without a prior permission of “COMPANY”.



Article 20 (Rights and Liabilities of “USER”)

“USER” does not claim any rights of contents that “COMPANY” provides via its “SERVICE”

Without consent of “COMPANY”, “USER” shall not use contents other than the purpose of using “SERVICE”. “USER” who commits following acts may be under both civil and criminal liability.

  • Act of creating video file using contents
  • Act of displaying contents on internet
  • Act of providing contents to 3rd party
  • Commercial act of damaging “COMPANY” and content provider or business affiliate
  • Act of violating any copyrights

“USER” is not allowed to access “SERVICE”’s server and its network system in unapproved fashion (i.e. accessing “SERVICE” system using automated program to collect data). ”USER” shall not conduct following acts.

  • Act of providing false information to “COMPANY” or expropriate 3rd party information
  • Act of violating copyright and intellectual property right of “COMPANY” or 3rd party
  • Act of damaging or disturbing operation of “COMPANY” or 3rd party
  • Act of dissecting, modifying, imitating “SERVICE”
  • Act of collecting personal information of other “USER” and damaging reputation
  • Act of interfering “SERVICE” by sending or receiving mass amount of identical or similar data
  • Act of disturbing other “USER”’s “SERVICE” use by sending or displaying mass amount of marketing material without a consent of recipient
  • Act of dissemination of computer virus or malicious software which may cause network malfunction or data destruction
  • Act of commercially duplicating or distributing information derived from “SERVICE” without a consent of “COMPANY”
  • Act of interfering normal operation of “SERVICE” and “COMPANY”
  • Act of displaying profanity, violence, and obscenity
  • Act of impersonating “COMPANY” and disseminating false information
  • Act which violates clause(s) from 「Information Network Encouragement and Protection Regulation

“USER” cooperates upon “COMPANY”’s request and pays public charge and tax followed by acquisition of “PRIZE POINT”.


Article 21 (Right and Liabilities of “COMPANY”)

“COMPANY” exercises its due diligence in order to provide continuous and stable “SERVICE”.

“COMPANY” establishes security system in order to secure “USER” personal information. “COMPANY” shall issue personal information collection policy and abide by the policy.

“COMPANY” shall pay close attention to opinions and complaints of “USER” and if found necessary, “COMPANY” shall rectify. The result shall be displayed on “SERVICE” screen or announced to “USERS” via email.

“COMPANY” may propose qualification of “PARTICIPANT” per “GOAL ATTAINMENT PROJECT”. If “PARTICIPANT” is found unqualified, “COMPANY” may take alternative action.

“COMPANY” as a payment agent manages the act of withholding public charge and tax on “USER”’s “PRIZE POINT”. However, “COMPANY” is not an active entity of tax withhold, rather an active entity of such cost is “PARTICIPANT” him or herself.


Article 22 (Exception)

“COMPANY” is exempted from any liability of “SERVICE” interfered by natural disaster, equivalent irresistible force, maintenance of information transmission infrastructure, inability to provide “SERVICE” due to replacement, mechanical failure, disconnection and any temporary or prolonging inability to provide “SERVICE”. “COMPANY” notifies such incident(s) to “USERS” via email or text message.

“COMPANY” is not liable for any disability caused by internet user or fault(s) of “USERS”.

“COMPANY” is not liable for any damage(s) derived from subsequent contract outside of “SERVICE” “COMPANY” provides. “COMPANY” is not liable for any damage(s) caused by “USER”-provided misinformation.

“COMPANY” is not liable for any damage(s) caused by one “USER”’s trust over other “USER”’s information, fact, or published publication.

“USER” is deemed to approve advertisement of “COMPANY” of its business affiliates when using “SERVICE”.

“COMPANY” and commission-base businesses (companies or businesses connected to banner(s) or link(s) displayed on “SERVICE” screen) are independently operated business entities. “COMPANY” is not liable for any transaction between commission-base businesses and “USER”.

“COMPANY” is not liable for any loss or damage(s) derived from transaction between “USER” and marketing activities of business affiliates.

“COMPANY” is not liable for any damage(s) caused by “USER”’s transfer to subsequent website via link embedded in “SERVICE”. 

“COMPANY” is not liable for any damage(s) caused by “USER”’s decline of information provided by “COMPANY”.

“COMPANY” is not liable for any legal dispute or damage(s) derived from “GOAL ATTAINMENT PROJECT” created by “FOUNDER”.

All liabilities fall upon “FOUNDER”.

Copyrights in use and liabilities fall upon “FOUNDER”.


Article 23 (Duty to Protect Personal Information)

According to related regulation, “COMPANY” duly exercises due diligence in order to protect “USER”’s personal information as well as his or her registration information.

Personal information protection is based on related regulation and “COMPANY”’s policy on personal information collection. “COMPANY” displays such practice on “SERVICE” screen for “USER”’s review.


Article 24 (Use and Protection of Geolocation Information)

“COMPANY” may collect and utilize geolocation information of “USER” who previously approves policy and information provision agreement regarding “SERVICE” provision.

According to use and protection of geolocation information regulation and other related regulation, “COMPANY” duly exercises due diligence in order to protect “USER”’s geolocation information.

In regards to use and protection of geolocation information, “COMPANY” abides by separate agreement proposed by “COMPANY”.


Article 25 (Marketing Notice Agreement)

“USER” agrees to receive “GOALKEEPIN” and its business affiliates’ marketing information including but not limited to merchandise, service, even, customized benefit and service information via “PUSH ALERT” of “GOALKEEPIN”.

Above agreement is valid for the duration of “USER”’s application installation and usage.

Customer may decline above agreement; however, due to its fundamental necessity setting perimeter of commercial relation, “SERVICE” use agreement may not be fulfilled.

Important notices other than marketing information may be notified to “USER” regardless of “USER”’s approval.


Article 26 (Limit of Use)

“COMPANY” may suspend “USER”’s use indefinitely under following case(s).

When “USER” is reported multiple times by other “USERS”

When “USER” directly or indirectly causes damage(s) to “COMPANY”

When “COMPANY” declares “USER” a malignant user

When “COMPANY” declares “USER” abuses “COMPANY” policy

When “USER” lists 3rd party mobile information


Article 27 (Nature and Purpose of Brokerage Service)

Brokerage service is “COMPANY”’s provision of online marketplace where “USERS” voluntarily exchange service(s) and merchandise(s). “COMPANY” provides a method of transaction for “USERS” safe and convenience transaction of service(s) and merchandise(s).

“COMPANY” does not buy nor sell service(s) or merchandise(s) to and from “USERS”. “COMPANY” only supplies tools of safe and reliable transaction between “USERS”.

Liabilities from any transaction between “USERS” fall upon “USERS” involved in the transaction.

“GOAL ATTAINMENT PROJECT” founded by “FOUNDER”, not by “COMPANY”, falls into a category of brokerage service.

When “GOAL ATTAINMENT PROJECT” is created by “USER” and participated by other “USERS”, “PURCHASING FEE” (minus Brokerage Commission) is paid to “FOUNDER”. 

“GOALKEEPIN” only considers brokerage commission from “PURCHSING FEE” as “COMPANY”’s revenue.


Article 28 (Nature and Use of Brokerage Service)

“COMPANY”-provided brokerage service includes general transaction.

Nature and content of brokerage service may be added or revised based on “COMPANY” policy. 

Based on a nature of brokerage service, “COMPANY” displays nature of each transaction, procedure, and payment instruction on “SERVICE” screen.

Prior to using brokerage service, “USER” shall fully understand all aspects of each transaction as “COMPANY” displays nature of each transaction.

“USER” may access “COMPANY”-provided brokerage service using user ID and password. Through the service, “USER” may buy or sell service(s).

However, “COMPANY”-appointed brokerage service per category may require qualification to qualify as an expert. “COMPANY” displays such requirement on “SERVICE” screen.

“USER” shall use “COMPANY”-provided payment service and complete transaction when “USERS” buy or sell via brokerage service.

“COMPANY” is not liable for any dispute(s) derived from direct transaction between “USERS”.

Further, expert may be limited to use site once a report is filed regarding direct transaction.


Article 29 (Related Regulation and Relation)

“COMPANY” does not collude nor engage in unjust practice with other service market place businesses for the sake of commission and sales initiative.

“COMPANY” does not unreasonably force expert to participate in exhibit or other activities.


Article 30 (Governing Law and Agreement Jurisdiction)

Any legal dispute(s) arise between “COMPANY” and “USER” shall be resolved by governing law of Singapore.

Any suit derived from any dispute(s) between “COMPANY” and “USER” shall be resolved by a court of Singapore.




Enforcement Date: Jan 15th, 2020

Revision Date: Jan 29th, 2020